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CDCR to prisoners: Submit to force-feeding to get demands met

From: SF Bay View, June 29th, 2013 by Paul Redd/Mume, Ruben Williams/Jitu Joka Kambon, Richard Wembe Johnson, Charles Coleman/Ghais As a representative of the Pelican Bay SHU hunger strikes in 2011 and a signatory on the “Agreement to End Hostilities,” I have not written any articles for publication except a few pieces related to the hunger strikes posted on the internet. The reason being I felt our Brotha and the other three main representatives were articulating our peaceful nonviolent united fight to expose and end our torture, inhumane conditions and decades of indefinite long-term solitary confinement. I did not want to occupy more space saying the same things. The main four representatives have also expressed our collective love and respect to all the unbroken prisoners who have volunteered to join this long-awaited united front with the peaceful nonviolent hunger strikes, including our humble respect for those prisoners who weren’t able to partake because

Paul Redd: Prisoners, unite! Community, stand with us!

From: SF Bay View, June 19, 2013 Interview by Sharon Martinas Legendary jailhouse lawyer Paul Redd speaks out at this critical time from the Pelican Bay SHU. Q: What is your name? M: My name is Paul Redd. However, many friends and comrades call me P.R., Mume or Abbas. Photo: Paul “Mume” Redd is a legendary jailhouse lawyer respected both inside and outside the walls. That proud brotherhood, whose work is essential in protecting the freedoms all of us cherish, is described and supported in this book by Mumia Abu Jamal, “Jailhouse Lawyers: Prisoners Defending Prisoners v. the USA.” Q: May I call you Mume? M: Of course you may. Q: Mume, you’re one of the 16 representatives of the 2011 Pelican Bay State Prison SHU hunger strikes in July and September? M: Yes, I am. Q: You also signed the Aug. 12, 2012, “Agreement to End Hostilities Between Racial Groups?” M: Yes, I did. Q: Let me travel back in time with some questions.

Paul's Testimony for the Legislative Hearing on Solitary Confinement, California Feb. 2013

February 8, 2013 To: Assembly Member Tom Ammiano       Legislative Hearing February 25, 2013 From:   Prisoner Paul Redd B-72683             PBSP – SHU Dear Committee Members, Thank you for this brief opportunity to speak via Letter. I understand we only have a couple of minutes in having our letters read which is impossible on PBSP SHU Inhumane Torture Conditions. So I’ll just go to the Main Issues. 1.       My name is Paul Redd, I am a New Afrikan Prisoner serving a Seven years to Life Sentence W. Possibility of Parole on a 1976 Senseless Murder Conviction of a Drug Local Dealer. 2.       I’ve been held here at PBSP – SHU since September 5 1990 To Present except for a brief 60 Days period when I won my SHU Release on December 29, 2000. Only to be Fraudulently placed back into a SHU on March 12, 2001 without Due Process. 3.       I have been held in California Prisons for the last 36 Years. I have spent 33 of those years in a SHU. 4.