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Last Call to Freedom: Statement of Support by Paul Redd

  Published first in CA Prison Focus, issue 60 (30 May 2020) I am Paul Redd/Abbas, one of the original hunger strike representatives and signees of the historical document “ The Agreement to End Hostilities .” I find it an honor to be amongst this class of solid members who continue to refuse to compromise or/and debrief under any circumstances nor allow our minds to play tricks on us. It has been a continuous struggle fighting against the obstacles CDCR officials, IGI, ISU, SSU alike with their SNY’s now referred as designated program yard in attempt to derail positive progress. Now we are up against an even more deadly beast called COVID-19 that data showing it is largely attacking and killing the Afrikan American and minority population that’s at a higher risk who suffering from hypertension, diabetes, cancer, sleep apnea, etc. Many of us like myself suffer from all these diseases listed as a high risk under COVID-19. A lot of prisoners here including myself recentl

Paul Redd is free!!

We are so pleased to tell you that, finally, after 44 years, of which 30 years in solitary confinement, Paul Redd was released from prison! In his letter of May 17th, 2020, Paul wrote: "On May 15th the Court recalled my sentence. Vacated my first degree murder conviction and ordered I be immediately released." Read the article in the SF Chronicle of May 29th, 2020: See also: SF Chronicle: The Power of Redemption (29 May 2020)  And: Paul Redd, Jr. and the Trauma of Systemic Racism by Cherlyne Majors (June 30, 2020) And: 44 Years Later, Redd Comes Home – An Inside Account (The Davis Vanguard, July 8, 2020) Welcome home Paul!