Paul Redd Presente: Rest in Power

Photo of Paul Redd, who passed away Juneteenth, 2022

 From Paul's Family and friends:

Paul Redd left us on Juneteenth. A hero to so many, he was loved by so many communities: from his childhood friends in Oakland, to his family who has always been with him, to decades-long friendships from the inside, to the many friends he made in his two years home after 44 years of wrongful incarceration, including 30 in solitary. He will be remembered for his infinite love, his courage, strength, generosity, hope, his poetry, and passion for justice. We love you Paul!
Funeral is July 9th, 11am at Church of All Faith located on 2100 5th Ave in Oakland. In the meantime the family welcomes your financial contributions towards his being buried in the honorable way he deserves. Thank you for any support you are able to offer.

Here is a poem from Paul's book "Roaring Free in A World Without Walls":

A Voice From Within

Do you know
the voice when
i call to you?

Do i know the 
voice when you
call to me?

It is a whisper
A silent call!

It is my call
to go forward
never backward.

It is my voice
for you to know
with the words
i speak for you
to grow.